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  1. SharePoint Connector for Confluence (CSI)
  2. CSI-683

Provide the SharePoint Connector as a sandboxed solution for Office365/SharePoint Online customers



      SharePoint 2010 provides infrastructure allowing features/solutions to be installed in a sandboxed environment at the site collection level. This allows site collection administrators to deploy solutions to their own site collections, free of the burden/responsibility of dealing with the entire SharePoint farm and/or the farm administrators.

      We should investigate/test the possibility of providing the SharePoint Connector as a sandboxed solution. This could have significant benefit for evaluators, who don't want to have to jump through a variety of complex hoops in order to get the SharePoint Connector installed just to evaluate it.

      Re-architecting the SharePoint Connector as a sandboxed solution is required in order to support Office365 and SharePoint Online, Microsoft's SaaS solutions for SharePoint.

      Communardo Status as of December 04, 2017

      Hi All,

      starting today a new App is available in the Atlassian Marketplace: SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence

      This solution provides an easy way to integrate Confluence with SharePoint Online. To learn more about this please head over to our Blog or join our webinar on this matter.

      Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any additional questions about this issue.

      Thank you for your patience so far.
      David Toussaint
      Communardo Product Manager





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