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Copy the Metadata when Copying/Moving a Confluence Page


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      Currently, when copying a Confluence page with metadata all metadata sets/fields have to be configured again after moving.

      Desired behavior: Metadata of the original Confluence page is also copied to the copy.

      The followin should probably happen:

      • Copy page:
        • In the same space: Correct metadata sets are applied and metadata values are copied
        • to different space
      • Move page within the same space: leave everything as it is
      • Move page to a different space: Print a message that metadata values will not be moved but rather removed. We could also display a notice for the end user about this

      acceptance criteria:

      • On copy inside a space
        • All metadata gets copied as well
      • On copy/move to different space
        • All global metadata values get copied to the new destinationspace
        • the global metadatafields need to be in a global metadataset
      • No metadata sets or fields will be created in the destination space
      • space metadata values will be copied if
        • the destination field matches in type and configuration

      thoughts about data integrity:

      • we should not just copy the space metadtafields and sets to another space
        • because that would bypass the administration level for metadata in a space
      • we should not just copy the data if the metadataf fields and sets in the other space have the same name/key
        • Data in the fields (especially the predefined fields like multiselect/singleselegt) can be completely different
        • it would potentially corrupt the copied data as well es the logical integrity of the destination data structure





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