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Projekt: User Profiles for Confluence
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UPC-386 Make synchronization on login optional Unteraufgabe Geschlossen Adrian Mörchen (Extern)  
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If the administrator selects the field type “Userfield” within the field configuration, an additional option is offered to define whether the value is a distinguished name or not.

Usage Scenario
With this extension administrators could use LDAP attributes which contain the Distinguished Name of superiors – like the default AD (OpenLDAP) field “manager” – directly. This would ease configuration of superiors for OrgCharts.

Kommentar durch Stephanie Hoffmann [ 20.12.2013 ]

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Kommentar durch Stephanie Hoffmann [ 06.01.2014 ]

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Kommentar durch Stephanie Hoffmann [ 08.01.2014 ]

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Kommentar durch Adrian Mörchen (Extern) [ 14.02.2014 ]

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Kommentar durch Stephanie Hoffmann [ 14.02.2014 ]

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Kommentar durch Philip Lucas [ 23.04.2014 ]

Has Communardo User Profile Plugin 1.10 been released yet? I currently have a trial that expires on the 26th and would like to have this new feature tested by the company before we buy this plugin.

If the 1.10 release has been deployed, how do I go about upgrading? Via the confluence plugin upgrade manager?

If the plugin release 1.10 hasn't been released yet, can a request a renewal of our trial?

Also please advise me if this updated version will be compatible with Atlassian Confluence 4.1 as that is the version we are running.

Thank you.


Kommentar durch Bill Martin [ 23.04.2014 ]

Hi Philip Lucas,

I would like to inform you that the User Profile plugin version 1.10 was released yesterday.

The User Profile plugin 1.10 is only available for Confluence 4.3.1 - 5.4.4. To use this feature of the new Upser Profile Plugin you have to update your Confluence first (at least to 4.3.1). After updating your Confluence you are able to update the User Profile via UPM in your Confluence global administration.

You can extend your Marketplace add-on evaluations up to five times, for a total of six months. You can do this by generating a new evaluation license key on the add-on's Atlassian Marketplace page and copying that license key into the manage add-on screen in the host product's Administration section.

Alternatively, if you remove your expiring evaluation license from the add-on inside the host product, the "Free Trial" button will be re-enabled and you can generate a new evaluation license from there.

I hope this helps to clarify your questions. Otherwise please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Kind regards,

Bill Martin
Communardo Support

Kommentar durch Philip Lucas [ 23.04.2014 ]

Thanks for getting back to me Bill,
I am not able to see the upgrade for this plugin in our UPM page though.
I would like to avoid losing configuration put in from the previous version if possible.

What do you suggest? Do I have to uninstall and install the new version or is there something wrong?

(Screen shots attached)


Kommentar durch Bill Martin [ 23.04.2014 ]

Hi Philip Lucas,

the User Profile plugin 1.10 is only available for Confluence 4.3.1 - 5.4.4. So you only see the update/upgrate button from the User Profile plugin if you have a supported Confluence version of User Profile 1.10. (at least 4.3.1.).

So update your Confluence first.

Feel free to contact me again if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Bill Martin
Communardo Support

Kommentar durch Bill Martin [ 05.05.2014 ]

Hi Philip Lucas,

unfortunately, we received no feedback from you. Do you need more information or further assistance to update your Confluence to run User Profile 1.10?

Please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Kind regards,

Bill Martin
Communardo Support

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