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Provide a supplier which could be used by other plugins (like the reporting plugin) to access and display data generated by the User Profile Plugin (like data from the profile elements of a user profile).

Kommentar durch Judith Winkler [ 10.01.2011 ]


currently the plugin unfortunatelly does not support suppliers, but we might consider your feature request for the next release.

Kind regards
Judith Schmalz

Kommentar durch Tino Winkler [ 28.06.2013 ]

Originally Created by Herman de Boer with the following description:

Question: Is it possible to retrieve the user profile attributes (department, phone etc) with the REPORTING plugin?
If so, which supplier should be used?
Is there an example of macro code?

Kommentar durch Martin Cleaver [ 17.09.2014 ]

This is very important as a way to involve UPP fields in something like a Viewtracker report.

My client wants to report page accesses by job title. The title information is only available in UPP, the page accesses only in Viewtracker. The Reporting Plugin is the bridge between the two, but for this to work a supplier is a must.

Re: your comment on SCP-988 where you said: We discussed the supplier issue a lot and it resulted in the REST API provided with version 1.10 . Does the API not fulfill your needs? If not, please explain your requirements directly at UPP-73. Our product manager will be automatically informed on it.

Using the API entails a different level of implementation complexity, and does not readily combine with Viewtracker. For instance, we would need to pull the Viewtracker information via REST, and - assuming that's actually available - find a way to combine it. This combination would not then be customizable by end users, which, after all, is a true benefit of the Reporting Plugin wherein to power users that can write a macro without needing to write code.

Kommentar durch Martin Cleaver [ 17.09.2014 ]

Also, I'd like to point out that this issue was hidden to outsiders prior to yesterday when I raised SCP-988 - as such the demand for it may be higher than the current vote count.

Kommentar durch Martin Cleaver [ 22.09.2014 ]

Hi - can you give me a timeline as to if a Supplier for Profile Data is on your roadmap and when this might be implemented please?

I'm asking because I have a client wanting to know.

Kommentar durch Detlef Steinhäuser [ 02.10.2014 ]

Martin Cleaver: This feature is not in a very high priority, because we had decided to implement the REST-API a year ago (UPP-136). But I understand your arguments for the needs of the supplier, to use it with the Reporting add-on.

If our head of development (Tino Winkler) is back from vacation, I'll talk to him again about this feature.

Kommentar durch Andrew van Ingen (Inaktiv) [ 28.11.2014 ]

I would very much appreciate you looking into it again.
I have been asking this for about 3 years now.
I had contact with Stephanie.
I have been trying to use the REST API, but there are some limitations, and performance issues.
I would love to be able to get data from a user who has a specific value in a field.
Now I have to query through ALL the users and go through all the fields to find my person: then I can report the other info.
this is a blocker, when you look at performance.

And as Martin points out: reporting integrates with many other plugins.
think about comala workflows, and such...

You'd be heroes if you could implement this.

I sent Stephanie code last year of how we built a supplier for Confluence 4 (for UPP).
I shared it so you could integrate it, but nothing happened with it.
Now, however, you changed the way you save your data, making our custom-plugin obsolete.
We made a new custom supplier plugin, based on REST, which gives critical/blocker performance issues when going through all the users.
So it's useless...

Once again: please increase the importance. I know on a previous thread there were many voters who would love this supplier. Also in other communities I've heard the request.

You'd be heroes!

Kind regards,
Andrew van Ingen

Kommentar durch Andrew van Ingen (Inaktiv) [ 22.09.2015 ]

Hi, could I ask if you could please still look into this. I would appreciate it very very very much!

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